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If you're a package maintainer who'd like co-maintainers to help out with your packages and are willing to spend some time helping new contributors learn packaging and get sponsored, please add your packages here.

This list isn't just for maintainers who'd like co-maintainers. It's for those maintainers who wouldn't mind helping prospective new package maintainers learn packaging and get sponsored as their co-maintainers. These co-maintainers will be the responsibility of the maintainer.

Package List

Please keep the list organized
Please list your packages in alphabetical order by package maintainer name. Please add links to your user pages on the wiki in the table for easy reference. Don't forget to remove your package from the list if you find yourself mentoring enough co-maintainers.
Package Maintainer
adonthell bochecha
bonesi bochecha
perl-AI-DecisionTree bochecha
perl-AnyEvent-DBus bochecha
perl-Crypt-RC4 bochecha
perl-Crypt-RC4-XS bochecha
perl-Devel-Trace bochecha
perl-ExtUtils-H2PM bochecha
perl-JSON-Path bochecha
perl-Net-Server-Coro bochecha
perl-Socket-Netlink bochecha
perl-Socket-Netlink-Route bochecha
perl-Test-HexString bochecha
wastesedge bochecha