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|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|Artwork|Fedora 美工|設計主題、圖示,以及其它 Fedora 設計|Echo-art-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|Artwork|Fedora 美工|設計主題、圖示,以及其它 Fedora 設計|Echo-art-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|L10N|Fedora L10N|將 Fedora 周邊的東西帶給地方社群|Echo-l10n-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|L10N|Fedora 本地化|將 Fedora 周邊的東西帶給地方社群|Echo-l10n-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|I18N|Fedora I18N|支援 Fedora 的本地化|Echo-i18n-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|I18N|Fedora 國際化|支援 Fedora 的本地化|Echo-i18n-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|Games|Fedora 遊戲|遊戲與有趣的東西在 Fedora 內也有|Echo-gaming-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|Games|Fedora 遊戲|遊戲與有趣的東西在 Fedora 內也有|Echo-gaming-48px.png}}

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Fedora 專案 wiki 是給終端使用者與開發者一同協作的園地。

您想要撰寫什麼內容嗎?只要取得一份 Fedora 帳戶,您就能開始協助我們 — 請遵照這些指示,接著造訪 wiki 幫助頁面

什麼是 Fedora 專案?

Links of interest
Here are some links to help you get started with Fedora and become one of the millions of people already contributing to the Fedora Project and free software:

Download Fedora now!

Join the Fedora Project

Read documentation for using and contributing to Fedora

Read the Fedora Weekly News

Interact with the Fedora community

Learn our future

See how fast we're growing

See common Fedora bugs and how to handle them

Report a new bug or request a change

The Fedora Project is a global partnership of free software community members. The Fedora Project is sponsored by Red Hat, which invests in our infrastructure and resources to encourage collaboration and incubate innovative new technologies. Some of these technologies may later be integrated into Red Hat products. They are developed in Fedora and produced under a free and open source license from inception, so other free software communities and projects are free to study, adopt, and modify them.

Read an overview to find out what makes Fedora unique, and learn about our vision and core values — the foundations upon which the project is built.

Fedora 內部有什麼?

Fedora 27 tour 包含我們最新發行版本的相關資訊。

The Release Schedule gives a timeline of the next release, Fedora 28. The Feature List documents the features planned for Fedora 28.


There are many ways to contribute to the Fedora distribution and the community that surrounds it. We have a large community full of talented and energetic people who enjoy meeting new contributors and helping them learn how to participate in Fedora. The list below provides links to each team and sub-project. Use it to visit a team that interests you. On the team page you can find out how to contact other community members and get involved in the Fedora community. We can't wait to meet you.

給貢獻者參與的 Fedora 子專案

Echo-package-48px.png Fedora 打包
Packaging programs for distribution through yum
Echo-gnome-dev-cdrom-48px.png Fedora Live CD
製作 Live CD 以方便測試與安裝
Echo-helpbook-48px.png Fedora 文件
為 Fedora 撰寫文件
Echo-ambass-48px.png Fedora 大使
將 Fedora 傳遞至全球各地
Echo-mktg-48px.png Fedora 行銷
推廣全世界 Fedora 的使用與支援
Echo-bug-48px.png Fedora 臭蟲分類
Echo-testing-48px.png Fedora 品質保證
預防與修正軟體臭蟲來讓 Fedora 變得更好
Echo-dirserv-48px.png 389 Directory Server
為 Fedora 打造企業級的 LDAP 伺服器 Fedora
Echo-infra-48px.png Fedora 基礎建設
為 Fedora 專案打造伺服器、工具、公用程式
Echo-planet-48px.png Fedora 星球
顯示 Fedora 貢獻者的網誌
Echo-websites-48px.png Fedora 網站
設計並建立 Fedora 專案網站
Echo-art-48px.png Fedora 美工
設計主題、圖示,以及其它 Fedora 設計
Echo-l10n-48px.png Fedora 本地化
將 Fedora 周邊的東西帶給地方社群
Echo-i18n-48px.png Fedora 國際化
支援 Fedora 的本地化
Echo-gaming-48px.png Fedora 遊戲
遊戲與有趣的東西在 Fedora 內也有
Echo-allproj-48px.png 檢視所有專案...
Echo-calendar-48px.png Fedora Events
Fedora 社群的活動
Echo-SIGs-48px.png 檢視所有特殊興趣群組 (SIG)...