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Coordinating page for Strasbourg bid

Use this page to share the progress in retrieving data for our proposal so that we don't duplicate our work.



Note: try finding hotels that could fit at least 100 persons

name distance from Atrium Wifi number of rooms
Regent Contades 687m Yes N/A
[ JS Bach 1,4km Yes 89 flats & studio

Social Events

Potential sponsors

  • tinyclues, user of big data
  • Logilab, sponsored pycon, likely for python related activity and hackfest
  • Numergy, cloudwatt, enovance for cloud related stuff
  • alterway, use ovirt, openstack
  • hackable device, marker and 3d printer who seemed to be a interesting topic for last fudcon

Various notes

See people from AFPY, is in strasbourg this year.