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Many times at events, contributors need to access various network resources that may be restricted from the event network. In order to mitigate any issues like this, Fedora Infrastructure has created a proxy server in our openstack cloud that can be used as a proxy from event networks.


The current proxy instance will be active from Monday Aug 5th, to Wed Aug 14th. (For the flocktofedora conference).

Please do not store any data on this server, it will be completely and irrevocably deleted at the end of the conference.


  • You will need to be in cla_done + one other group (the same requirements as access to fedorapeople.org).
  • You will need to install sshuttle (available in Fedora and EPEL).
  • Run:

sshuttle -r yourfasname@ 0/0


sshuttle -r yourfasname@flockproxy.cloud.fedoraproject.org 0/0


We reserve the right to block/close/stop anyone who is interfering with the network for others or otherwise using the proxy in a way that does not serve the best interested of the Fedora Project, our sponsors or our conference hosts. Please be considerate.