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= flsalaminas presentation about FOSS - Salamis, GREECE =
== When and Where ==
2 February 2012, @Second Senior High School of Salamis
== Program ==
We'll make a presentation of free software to the students.
Since, the presentation will take place within the school hours we have very little time to meet with each class. So I won't have time to promote fedora as much as I'd like to.
We'll promote free software and I'm going to talk about fedora as much as I can.
== Stuff ==
* Demo laptops
** Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13 with Fedora 16 (nestos)
* Swag
** Some Fedora 16 CDs & DVDs  (nestos)
== Team ==
* [[User:nestos|Nestos Theophrastou]]

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