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1-5 December, Bangalore, India
1-5 December, Bangalore, India
== CfP ==
===Important Dates===
===Important Dates===
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* 15-Nov-2009  Due date for final slides & talk materials (23:59 GMT+0530)
* 15-Nov-2009  Due date for final slides & talk materials (23:59 GMT+0530)
* 01-Dec-2009  Conference begins
* 01-Dec-2009  Conference begins
== CfP ==
== Registration ==
== Registration ==

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When and Where

1-5 December, Bangalore, India

Important Dates

  • 16-Oct-2009 Call for Participation and start of submissions
  • 26-Oct-2009 End of submissions proposals (23:59 GMT+0530)
  • 31-Oct-2009 List of accepted submissions published
  • 15-Nov-2009 Due date for final slides & talk materials (23:59 GMT+0530)
  • 01-Dec-2009 Conference begins



Not open yet.

Add yourself if you are coming.

No. Name T-Shirt Size Comments Accommodation


Keep in mind, the theme this year is for engineering students. So propose things that are relevant to it and Fedora in general.


Please take up any item that you can. Also add if you want anything.
Tasks Sub tasks Owner Comments
Planning meeting # Initial meeting between owners
#General meetings
Contact/Update tentative participants # fedora-india list
# fedora-ambassadors list
# lug lists
# blog posts
Get in touch with organisers for # Venue for Fudcon/Devcon
# Booth
# Participation/setup fees/charges
Swags # DVD
# T-shirts
# Stickers
# Buttons
# USB Sticks
# Posters
# Leaflets/brochures

Propose technical Sessions

Session Name Description Type (Talk/Workshop/Sprint) Duration Audience Level Owner
The Fedora Security Spin and the OSSTMM How the Fedora-Security-Spin support's the only Security Testing Open Source Standard Talk+HandOnDemonstration 45min IT Security People JoergSimon
Communication and Colaboration in the Fedora Project How the Fedora Project works together Talk+HandOnDemonstration 30 min potential contributors and beginners JoergSimon
Fedora Success Stories The 4 f's and Stories around Fedora and Contributors Evangelism Talk 30-45min potential contributors i hope really that MaxSpevack can give this talk!


RahulSundaram, SusmitShannigrahi, KushalDas