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* [[User:ppapadeas|Pierros Papadeas]] (pap)
* [[User:ppapadeas|Pierros Papadeas]] (pap)
* [[User:anast|Anastasios Stasinopoulos]] (anast)
* [[User:anast|Anastasios Stasinopoulos]] (anast)
* [[User:dimitrisglaros|Dimitris Glaros]] (DiMi)
== Reports ==
== Reports ==

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[edit] Fosscomm 2010

[edit] Blog posts - reviews in English

[edit] When and Where

24-25 April 2010 - Thessaloniki, Greece

Fosscomm 2010 site (mostly in Greek)

[edit] Presence

Christos Bacharakis and Pierros Papadeas will give a talk about Fedora as an operating system and Fedora community. They will present the Greek and Global Fedora community, activities and goals which have been archived.

We will also have the biggest booth with a lot of new and cool goodies.

[edit] Items to Bring

  • Demo laptops
    • XO laptop / Laptop / EEEpc 900 (chr)
    • Netbook / Laptop (pap)
    • Netbook (EeePC 1001)(gkon)
  • Swag
    • 150 LiveCDs (pap)
    • Stickers (pap)
    • 15 t-shirts (pap)
    • Flyers
      • Support Flyers (gkon) (pap)
      • Translation Flyers (pap)
      • A4 3-folded flyers (pap)
    • 500 buttons (pap
    • Infinity-Freedom-Voice A4/A3-sized Posters (?) (gkon)

[edit] Booth Personnel

Name Booth setup Saturday Sunday Clean-up Comments
Christos Bacharakis X X X X Event Owner
Pierros Papadeas X X X X Booth & Logistics & Workshop
Giannis Konstantinidis X X X X Booth
Efstathios Iosifidis X X X X Booth
Dimitris Glaros X X X X Booth
Anastasios Stasinopoulos X X X X Booth & Workshop

[edit] Team

[edit] Reports

  • to be posted after the event