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This page is for defining the SOP for Fedora FreeMedia Program. This will cover the infrastructural things as well as procedural things.

Location of Resources

Location on Puppet

  • Freemedia form: configs/web/applications/FreeMedia-form.html
  • Backup form: configs/web/applications/FreeMedia-form.html.orig
  • Closed form:configs/web/applications/FreeMedia-close.html
  • Backend processing script: configs/web/applications/process.php
  • Error Document : configs/web/applications/FreeMedia-error.html

Opening of the form

The form will be opened on the First day of each month.

Closing of the Form

Tentative timeline

The form will be closed after a couple of days. This may vary according to the capacity.

How to

  • The form is available at puppet/configs/web/applications/FreeMedia-form.html and puppet/configs/web/applications/FreeMedia-form.html.orig
  • The closed form is at puppet/configs/web/applications/FreeMedia-close.html
  • To Open
     $cd configs/web/applications/; cp FreeMedia-form.html.orig FreeMedia-form.html ;git commit -a -m 'opening freemedia form for month `date +%B`' ;git push
  • After opening the form, go to trac and grant "Ticket Create" privilege to "Anonymous".
  • To close
     $cd configs/web/applications/; cp FreeMedia-close.html Freemedia-form.html ; git commit -a -m 'closing freemedia form for month `date +%B`';git push
Have to check about monthly cron.
  • After closing the form, go to trac and remove "Ticket Create" privilege from "Anonymous".

Handling of tickets


Rejecting Invalid Tickets

  • If a ticket is invalid, don't accept the request. Go to "resolve as:" and select "invalid" and then press "Submit Changes".
  • A ticket is Invalid if
    • No Valid email-id is provided.
    • The region does not match the country.
    • No Proper Address is given.
  • If a ticket is duplicate, don't accept the request. Go to "resolve as:" and select "duplicate" and then press "Submit Changes".

Accepting Valid Tickets

  • If you wish to fulfill a request, please ensure it from the above section, it is not liable to be discarded.
  • Now "Accept" the ticket from the "Action" field at the bottom, and press the "Submit Changes" button.
  • When You ship the request, please go to the ticket again, go to "resolve as:" from the "Action" field and select "Fixed" and then press "Submit Changes".

Handling of non fulfilled requests

We shall close all the pending requests by the end of the Month.