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An effort to package GitLab for Fedora and EPEL. In this page you will find all the relevant information on how to get involved. Any help is appreciated.

TODO: Add info about the story behind this effort.



TODO: Add a table with names and links to FAS acounts or pkgdb.

Runtime gems

Follow the link to see a list of GitLab's runtime dependencies. TODO: Add column of EPEL.


Missing gems

Follow the link to see a list of missing gems from the Fedora repos. TODO: add list of missing gems in EPEL.



Find below the ways one can participate in this effort.

Mailing list

Mailing list

IRC meetings

IRC meetings take place every second Thursday at #fedora-meeting in freenode


Gitlab runtime gems  :  145
Gems in Fedora repos :  389
Common gems          :  70
To be packaged       :  75
Pending review in BZ :  11
When BZ go in repos  :  64

Unofficial repository

TODO: Add fedorapeople/copr repo.