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Haskell Special Interest Group


To encourage, grow and guide the packaging of Haskell projects in Fedora.


Mailing list

We have a mailing-list fedora-haskell-list (archives ), since 13 Feb 2008.


We have an IRC channel #fedora-haskell on Frenode.


  • Complete and submit the revised draft packaging guidelines to FPC
  • Submit more, commonly used libraries for Package Review
  • Build ghc for EPEL
  • update Bryan's cabal-rpm to generate .spec that follow our Packaging Guidelines
  • There are some of old srpms for DrIFT, c2hs, fps, hs-plugins, hscolour, hsh, hslogger, missingh, vty, wxhaskell, xmobar at unsubmitted srpm packages that could be updated
  • Bootstrap ghc on ppc64 (bug 239713 ) and ia64
  • Improve integration between Fedora and cabal-install (have cabal-install ask yum for packages before building them itself)
  • Improve autogeneration and keep a "testing" repository of autogenerated all-of-hackage. Pull from this (with a human eye) to make Fedora packages


We have the Haskell Packaging Guidelines in place with template .spec files for libraries and programs. Please use them when submitting Haskell packages for review. cabal2spec generates .spec files from cabal packages using up to date templates.

Package Reviews

Open Package reviews which are CC fedora-haskell-list.

They include:

Closed Package reviews which are CC fedora-haskell-list.

Other Potential packages

  • emacs-haskell
  • cabal-rpm
  • missingh
  • HsColour
  • vty

Current packages in Fedora

Haskell SIG packages in pkgdb

  • alex
  • cabal-install
  • cpphs
  • curry
  • darcs
  • ghc
  • ghc-HTTP
  • ghc-gtk2hs (formerly gtk2hs)
  • ghc-paths
  • ghc-zlib
  • haddock (haddock09 needed for ghc-6.8)
  • happy
  • hugs98


cabal-rpm needs to be updated and patched to generate .spec files compliant with the package guidelines.

I've drafted up a feature request - Yaakov Nemoy

SIG Members

Please add your name above if you want to help and contribute.