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Fedora Extras package

heartbeat is a basic high-availability subsystem for Linux-HA.

It will run scripts at initialization, and when machines go up or down. This version will also perform IP address takeover using gratuitous ARPs. It supports "n-node" clusters with significant capabilities for managing resources and dependencies.

You may optionally install these sub-packages as well:

  • ldirectord
  • pils
  • stonith


ldirectord is a stand-alone daemon to monitor services of real or virtual services provided by The Linux Virtual Server (


The STONITH module (Shoot The Other Node In The Head) provides an extensible interface for remotely powering down a node in the cluster. The idea is quite simple: When the software running on one machine wants to make sure another machine in the cluster is not using a resource, pull the plug on the other machine. It's simple and reliable, albeit admittedly brutal.


PILS is an generalized and portable open source Plugin and Interface Loading System. PILS was developed as part of the Open Cluster Framework reference implementation, and is designed to be directly usable by a wide variety of other applications. PILS manages both plugins (loadable objects), and the interfaces these plugins implement. PILS is designed to support any number of plugins implementing any number of interfaces.

Installation instructions

Basic heartbeat package installation:

Basic heartbeat package plus optional extra sub-packages:


Instructions can be found here:

  • /usr/share/doc/heartbeat-{version}/Gettingstarted.txt
  • /etc/ha.d/README.config

See also:


To enable heartbeat:

To enable ldirectord:

More information

The heartbeat package for Fedora Extras is maintained by JoostSoeterbroek.

Check for bug reports on heartbeat: bugzilla search .

The heartbeat project page is available at

Note: a heartbeat module for webmin is available from: