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What is CloudFS

CloudFS is built on top of Gluster. It provides a set of translators to make Gluster more suitable as a cloud file system. CloudFS is a feature for the Fedora 16 release, and the Fedora Cloud special interest group (SIG) is actively involved in development and testing.

The Fedora CloudFS feature page has information about the status of CloudFS as a feature in a future release of Fedora.

See Jeff Darcy's CloudFS blog to learn more about the philosophy of CloudFS and find out what's happening with CloudFS development.

How to use CloudFS

CloudFS Setup has rudimentary instructions, including where to get source and RPMs, for installing CloudFS on a cluster, including a simple web-based UI to provision CloudFS volumes.

General CloudFS discussions are at: https://fedorahosted.org/mailman/listinfo/cloudfs-general

Red Hat Cloud OpenShift uses CloudFS. The user community for that product is found at: http://www.redhat.com/openshift/forums

How to participate in CloudFS