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Hisham Abdel-Magid

Eng. Hisham Isam M. Abdel-Magid, B.Sc (civil), M.Sc., MSES, MWTS

Important.png Fedora Ambassador in Khartoum , Sudan and Doha, Qatar.


  • Researcher/Civil Engineer, Institute for Technological Research (ITR), National Center for Research (NCR), P.O.Box 2404, Khartoum, Sudan.
  • Head in charge, Department of Shelter and Physical Development (DSPD), ITR, Khartoum, Sudan, [[MailTo(dspd.itr AT gmail DOT com)] .
  • Steering committee member, Water Technology Society (WTS), Khartoum, Sudan, [[MailTo(memo.wts AT gmail DOT com)] .
  • Head of International Technologies Office, Sudanese Society for Young Scientists (SSYS), Khartoum, Sudan, [[MailTo(ssys.sudan AT gmail DOT com)] .
  • Languages: Arabic and English.


  • Email: [[MailTo(himam AT fedoraproject DOT org)]
  • IRC: himam
  • GPG key: 3A65003E
  • Fedora Account: himam on the Fedora Account System