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This is a a page explaining how to use the Ticketing system Trac. The examples here are from the Marketing Team but should translate over to any other Trac instance.


Step 1

Log into the Trac instance

To log in you click the login link at the top right and enter your FAS credentials. If you do not have FAS credentials yet just go to Fedora Account System and sign up.

Step 2

Once Logged in there are many different options to see the trac

View Tickets

Clicking on view brings up quite a few different ways to view tickets in the Trac system. In the screenshot below you will see the options for the Fedora Marketing Trac system. Each Trac system will have different views available.

Trac View.png

I clicked on {1} Active tickets, this is currently all the open tickets in the Fedora Marketing Trac. You can see the ticket #, Summary, Component, Milestone, Task, Owner, Status, and the date it was created.

Trac Tickets1.png

Create Ticket

View Timeline

Viewing the timeline is a great way to see the happenings of tickets during a certain time period. In the screenshot below you can see that in September and October there were some tickets closed and created.

Trac Timeline.png


In this search box, you can enter any query and the output will be showed below. In this example I searched my name and all the tickets either assigned, completed, or ones I have updated will show up. This is a great way to find a closed ticket if it needs to be reopend.

Trac Search.png


The roadmap is a great way to show all tickets for a particular milestone/release. For example in the screenshot below you can see during F12-Pre-Alpha there was 14 tickets that were created and closed during that phase.

Trac Roadmap.png