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Hi - I'm the unix sysadmin for the Biology department at Duke - so most of the packages I'm working on for Fedora Extras are bioinformatics related somehow.

Random Packaging Notes

This is annoying because it means I can't cut-n-paste from a web cpan search.

  • When a module is noarch you can drop CFLAGS and OPTIMIZE.
  • Watch your build requires on pkgs with tons of deps - its easy to miss one.
Please note: AlexLancaster has picked up the maintainance of the bioperl and deps and is currently (2007-03-27) pushing the orphaned packages through a re-review process.


Approved and in tree



Don't make the mistake I know anything about perl - I just package these. :)

  • perl-bioperl
  • perl-GD-SVG
  • perl-Graph
  • perl-Heap
  • perl-MIME-Lite
  • perl-SOAP-Lite
  • perl-SVG
  • perl-Text-Shellwords
  • perl-XML-Writer

In development

  • BioPython