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Many of our physical machines use RSA II cards for remote management.

Contact Information

Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team

Contact: #fedora-admin, sysadmin-main

Location: PHX, ibiblio

Servers: All physical IBM machines

Purpose: Provide remote management for our physical IBM machines

Restarting the RSA II card

To restart a hung RSA II card, cut off all power to the machine, wait a few seconds, and restart everything.

To restart the card without rebooting the machine:

  1. Download and install the IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter II Daemon
    1. yum install libusb-devel # (needed by the RSA II daemon)
    2. Download the correct tarball from (TODO: check if this can be packaged in Fedora)
    3. Extract the tarball and run ./ --update
  2. Download and extract the IBM Advanced Settings Utility (, warning: this tarball dumps files in the current working directory)
  3. Issue a
    ./asu64 rebootrsa
    to reboot the RSA II.
  4. Clean up: yum remove ibmusbasm64