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Many of our physical machines use RSA II cards for remote management.

Contact Information

Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team

Contact: #fedora-admin, sysadmin-main

Location: PHX, ibiblio

Servers: All physical IBM machines

Purpose: Provide remote management for our physical IBM machines

Restarting the RSA II card

Normally, the RSA II can be restarted from the web/ssh interface. If you are locked out of any outside access to the RSA II, follow these instructions on the physical machine.

If the machine can be rebooted without issue, cut off all power to the machine, wait a few seconds, and restart everything.

Otherwise, to restart the card without rebooting the machine:

  1. Download and install the IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter II Daemon
    1. yum install usbutils libusb-devel # (needed by the RSA II daemon)
    2. Download the correct tarball from (TODO: check if this can be packaged in Fedora)
    3. Extract the tarball and run
 sudo ./ --update 
  1. Download and extract the IBM Advanced Settings Utility (, warning: this tarball dumps files in the current working directory)
  2. Issue a
     sudo ./asu64 rebootrsa
    to reboot the RSA II.
  3. Clean up: yum remove ibmusbasm64

Other Resources may be a useful resource to refer to when working with this.