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Channel Support Helper's Code of Conduct

Support helpers should be on the channel for the times they have signed up for. When multiple helpers are available They should alternate helping new end users to spread the support load around.

  1. Helpers should be mode +v when working their shift. Helpers should mode -v when their shift is over or if they are idle. This may allow users to note who to ask questions of. (optional/down the road perhaps)
  2. Helpers should try and point end users to official Fedora documentation. Failing that, they should point to fedorasolved or fedoramobile. Other sites can be used, but should be carefully reviewed first.
  3. Helpers should try and gather information from the end user via pastebin links and questions and try and help solve the end users question. Where possible they should also try and teach the user where to look to solve other questions down the road.
  4. Helpers should remain on topic when there are users asking questions. Off topic conversation should be done in #fedora-social or other channels.
  5. Helpers should channel users to other support channels when they don't know the answer or are unable to find it out. Either other IRC channels specific to a area (#selinux, #fedora-kde) Mailing lists or forums.
  6. Helpers should try and empower users to file bugs when they run into them, as well as doing quick searches to point end users to already filed bugs about their specific problem. Helpers can use bugzilla quick search bars in firefox or the like for this.
  7. Helpers should point users at Open Source/Free software wherever possible, but shouldn't Judge users who decide to use something else.
  8. Helpers should try and be consistent about the message they give users. Where in doubt a discussion should be made between the pool of helpers to provide a unified message about a specific topic.
  9. Helpers should be elevated from the pool of users on the channel. They should be (self) nominated and approved by a majority vote of the operators of the channel.