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IRC Support SIG

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This is just a DRAFT. Further input and discussion is needed. Don't take anything here as gospel

What is the IRC Support SIG

The IRC (Internet relay chat) Support SIG (Special interest group) is a group of people who seek to improve support users get in #fedora and promote a fun social area in #fedora-social.


Anyone can be a member of the SIG. Just start helping others in #fedora, chatting with others in #fedora-social and attend our weekly meetings in #fedora-meeting at 17:00UTC (Noon EST) on Thursdays each week.

    • FIXME** Helpers vs. Bot-Ops vs. Ops distinction required.
    • FIXME** Promotions and Departures need to be addressed. We need a method of measuring active ops. How do we, collectively, know when it is time to add/remove an op? Active in the channel does not immediately require +o, nor does inactivity necessitate a -o. How many ops and what TZ are needed?

Voting members

A subset of the SIG will be voting members and be able to vote on issues brought up for a vote before the SIG. These voting members will be:

  • Having either chanserv or fedbot op access in one of the official Fedora IRC channels, such as #fedora, #fedora-social, or any team/SIG specific channels such as #fedora-admin, #fedora-design, #fedora-docs, #fedora-websites, etc.
  • Listed in '/msg ChanServ list #[fedora channel name] access' or as having "op" privilege listed in fedbot
  • Have attended at least 1 meeting in the last 6 months, or participating in discussions on the irc-support-sig mailing list.

Any voting member can bring up issues for a vote to others. The vote can be designated private (discussion on #fedora-ops and vote privately) or public (the discussion on the irc-support-sig mailing list and in the weekly meeting).

    • FIXME** There should be another measure, for example - absentee voting on any pending issues (email/phone/im/whatever to the person in charge of that weeks meeting).
  • Activity in the channel in question should be considered.
    • FIXME** This is to include helping users in the support channel, and reacting when a user in a non-support channel requests @ops assistance dealing with troublesome topics (user-bashing, heated-discussions that have simply gone too far, racism, and so on. None of these are permitted by FreeNode guidelines, and should not be allowed to continue in any channel).

Any voting member can bring up issues for a vote to others. The vote can be designated private (discussion on #fedora-ops and vote privately) or public (the discussion on the irc-support-sig mailing list and in the weekly meeting).

    • FIXME** Any user can bring up issues. That is what the meetings are for. Only some issues require voting. Voting should be by majority, and voted upon prior to action. For example: week16 a CFV is requested on an issue - folks in the meeting vote directly, those absent vote via proxy - votes tallied and action taken the following in week17.

Mailing list

The IRC Support SIG has an open mailing list (subscribe to post) at:

General ideas or discussion welcome there.

Trac instance

The IRC Support SIG has a trac instance at

Use your Fedora account (FAS) to login and leave us a ticket.


Q: Who is allowed to be in the #fedora-ops channel? Whats that channel for?

A: #fedora-ops is a channel for official Fedora channel operators to share information about the smooth operation of their channels and to share frank views of users and issues. Users should not idle in channel, but can join and share problems or concerns and part. Other folks can be asked to join this channel to share their views. They should be proposed by a voting member and be acknowledged by at least one other voting member.

Q: I wish to bring up an issue to the sig, how can I do that?

A: Please file a trac ticket on our trac instance: it will be looked at at the next meeting.

    • FIXME** Helpers and Voting-Ops alike receive channel +v to help distinguish users-with-questions and the support team.
    • FIXME** With respect to the ops channel itself, any +o from an official channel are invited with the caveat that English is used.
    • FIXME** Ops from one channel are free to speak about incidents from any channel they are not +o in, but should also not have equal measure weight applied to any decisions made that affect the channel in question. Having key members from -admin has been exceedingly helpful in the past and I do not see justification in removing those from the channel.

The point of the channel is to have the holistic leaders in one place for discussion.