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Project Sponsor

Name: Matt Domsch

Wiki Name: MattDomsch

Fedora Account Name: mdomsch

Group: Infrastructure

Infrastructure Sponsor: Matt Domsch

Project Info

Project Name: Mirror Manager

Target Audience: Mirror System Admins and end users via yum mirrorlist

Expiration Date (required): 2 weeks before Fedora 7 release

Description/Summary: see ["Infrastructure/MirrorManagement"]

Project plan (Detailed): see ["Infrastructure/MirrorManagement"]

Goals: see ["Infrastructure/MirrorManagement"]

Specific resources needed

A vhost or xen guest in PHX with external web (80/tcp and 443/tcp) access. TurboGears, connection to the database server. Database space. Cron jobs to create the mirrorlists and redirector regexp files. Connection to the Account database in PHX.