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== Status ==
== Status ==
I setup a sobby instance on for testing.
I setup a sobby instance on for testing.

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[edit] Project Sponsor

Name: John Mahowald

Wiki Name: JohnMahowald

Fedora Account Name: jpmahowa


Infrastructure Sponsor: Luke Macken

[edit] Secondary Contact info

Name: Luke Macken

Wiki Name: LukeMacken

Fedora Account Name: lmacken

Group: Infrastructure

[edit] Project Info

Project Name: gobby

Target Audience: Fedora developers, especially package maintainers

Expiration Date (required): 2007-12-31


From the gobby package description: Gobby is a free collaborative editor. This means that it provides you with the possibility to edit files simultaneously with other users over a network. It supports multiple documents in one session and a multi-user chat.

This project would provide gobby services to Fedora users.

Packager use case: a packager puts up a rpm spec for collaborative review. Documentation use case: a doc editor puts up a draft for collaborative editing. Coding use case: a developer puts up a source file for collaborative hacking.

Project plan (Detailed):


To provide an easier group edit solution than pastebins or CVS. To facilitate package reviews and mentoring.

[edit] Specific resources needed

A running sobby instance. On the default port of 6522 would be great.

An easy name for this server like

[edit] Status

I setup a sobby instance on for testing.