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* (Argentina) -- [[User:ezq]]
* (Argentina) -- [[User:ezq]]
* (Chile) -- [[User:lletelier]]
* (Chile) -- [[User:lletelier]]
* (Argentina) --  
* (Perú) --  
* (Mexico) -- [[User:Nushio]]
* (Mexico) -- [[User:Nushio]]
* (Venezuela) -- [[User:Richzendy]]
* (Venezuela) -- [[User:Richzendy]]

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[edit] Fedora Project International

These are Fedora Project International Websites by Languages collected by Fedora Ambassadors and Contributors.

  • If possible, please add primary contact information for each URL in case we need to contact you regarding the website.
  • For example, http://some-url (note) -- User:Name
  • If you have any question or suggestion on this wiki page, please contact User:Tchung.

[edit] Bangladesh

[edit] Belgium

[edit] Bulgarian

[edit] Chinese (simplified)

[edit] Chinese (traditional)

[edit] Czech

[edit] Dutch

[edit] French

[edit] German

[edit] Greek

[edit] Hebrew

[edit] Indonesia

[edit] Italian

[edit] Japanese

[edit] Moldavian

[edit] Myanmar

[edit] Polish

[edit] Portuguese (Brazil)

[edit] Romanian

[edit] Russian

[edit] Serbian

[edit] Slovak

[edit] Spanish

[edit] Sri Lanka

[edit] Tunisia

[edit] Turkey

[edit] United Kingdom

[edit] Vietnam