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Open Sharedroot


The open sharedroot project provides abilities to boot multiple linux systems with the same root filesystem providing a single system filesystem based cluster.


Stato attuale

Detailed Description

The purpose of this feature is to provide an open and flexible filesystem based single system image (SSI) linux cluster.

Currently the following filesystems can be used with fedora 11:

  • NFSv3, NFSv4
  • GFS2
  • Ocfs2
  • Ext3 as local filesystem

Basically it consists of three different software components and some small changes to the initprocess.

1. The initrd (comoonics-bootimage) to boot such a system. As it is more complex to boot from a cluster filesystem or nfs in order to use in a sharedroot configuration we need a new concept of the initrd.

2. The clustertools provide access to clusterfunctionality like querying the cluster for amount of nodes and configuration. This is organized under the software component comoonics-clustersuite.

3. The management tools for building a cdsl structure (context dependent symbolic links) and managing cdsl files. This is organized under the software component comoonics-cdsls. The cdsl concept is based on bindmounts.

The changes to the initprocess are already filed in bugzillas:

Benefit to Fedora

Being able to boot multiple nodes from the same root filesystem. Enabling fedora to be a filesystem based single system image cluster.

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