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Power Management improvements for Fedora 12


Our goal is the improvement of power management especially in regard to userland. This project is based on measurement and statistic of power consumption mainly on laptops. We are trying to locate the main power greedy applications by measuring with new tools, which have been introduced in our project. For Fedora 12 the plan is to improve and extend the functionality of tuned, merge it with ktune from RHEL 5 and introduce a new and easy way to switch between various predefined and extendible tuning settings for your system.


Stato attuale

Detailed Description

With Fedora 11 we introduce a new daemon called tuned. The goal now is to extend it's functionality and merge it with a tool we developed for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 called ktune as well as introduce a new and easy way to switch between various predefined and extendible tuning settings for your system.

Of course auditing wakeups and disk/network IO is still ongoing for Fedora 12 as well.

Benefit to Fedora

Simple: On average use less power for turned on machines while not affecting user experience (a lot ;)).

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is a new systemtap script that can be used to measure the effectiveness of system configuration changes and/or code changes to applications. [scomes]


is command-line utility for setting up profiles. [documentation]


Tracker bugs:

Release Notes

In order to allow users to monitor the behaviour of their systems and to improve power consumption in general, several improvements were done for Fedora 12:

  • Improved tuned service to dynamically adapt system settings to the current use
  • New static tuning service available called ktune as part of tuned
  • New configuration switch commandline tool called tuned-adm, coming with several predefined but editable system setting profiles
  • New systemtap tool called scomes to measure amount of system resources consumed by a program

Users of Fedora 12 should therefore see a reduction in power usage of their system.