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[edit] Online Fedora UnConference

[edit] What is it?

A virtual conference by which Fedora developers and community can interact in preparation for the Fedora 8 release.

[edit] Where is it?

The online conference will be making use of the freenode irc network for much of the communication. Some sessions may use teleconferencing for presentation audio. Due to technical limitations, we may be required to limit the size of the call-in audience per presentation. Please check back on this page with specifics on how you can sign-up for audio-enabled presentations.

[edit] Types of sessions

  • Presentation ( ~ 1 hour with a period of discussion, online pdf, call-in audio support )
  • Status Report ( ~ 30 minutes with discussion, irc-only )
  • moderated Q & A, discussion ( shoot for 1 hour panel discussion, with question moderation )
  • hackfest ( indefinite period )

[edit] Presentation Schedule

Potential Presenters: If you are interested in running a session please, add the session information and send an additional email to me (jspaleta at gmail dot com ) so we can work out any technical details. Please update the time and date of your presentation according to your availability. Please keep in mind that we are attempting to have only one concurrent presentation at a time.
Current Presenters: If you plan to make use of the sip server, please test your client software and hardware with the infrastructure team before using the conference room. Please also update the Location entry for you session below to include the sip conference room you will be using.

[edit] August, 11th

Title Time Session type Location Contact Person
KDE 16-17 UTC Status Report irc: #fudcon RexDieter

[edit] August, 12th

Title Time Session type Location Contact Person
Online Desktop 15-15:30 UTC Status Report irc: #fudcon ColinWalters
L10n: How our improved infrastructure affects you as a developer or translator 16-17 UTC (recap/log ) Presentation irc: #fudcon Dimitris Glezos

[edit] August, 14th

Title Time Session type Location Contact Person
Presto 15:00 UTC Presentation irc: #fudcon JeremyKatz
Echo icon theme 17:30-18:00 UTC Status Report irc: #fudcon LuyaTshimbalanga
Meet the Board 21:00-22:00 UTC Q & A (File:JefSpaleta VirtualFudCon fudcon-20070814-meet-the-board.log IRC log] ) irc: #fudcon, #fudcon-moderated JefSpaleta
I18n 2300-2400 UTC Discussion irc: #fudcon JensPetersen

[edit] August, 15th

Title Time Session type Location Contact Person
Cobbler/Virt Deployment 1700-1800 UTC (1 pm EDT) Presentation irc: #fudcon MichaelDeHaan
MirrorManager 1800-1900 UTC (2 pm EDT) Presentation (File:JefSpaleta VirtualFudCon fudcon-20070815-mirrormanager.log IRC log] / slides ) irc: #fudcon MattDomsch
Bodhi 1900-2000 UTC (3pm EDT) Presentation (IRC transcript / slides ) irc: #fudcon LukeMacken
Fedora 8's Artwork 2000-2100 UTC (4 PM EDT) Presentation sip: and irc: #fudcon MairinDuffy
Docs Tools 2100-2200 UTC (5 PM EDT) Presentation (flexible) irc: #fudcon, sip: PaulFrields

[edit] tbd

Title Time/Date Session type Location Contact Person
Revisor TBD Presentation irc: #fudcon JeroenVanMeeuwen
Fedora 8 and Beyond TBD Presentation and IRC Discussion irc: #fudcon RahulSundaram

[edit] Hackfest Information

Hackfests are longer period sessions in which multiple people will be doing work focused around a particular topic. The hackfest shepherds will be available during some of the hackfest and will act as a general contact for new contributors who want to get involved.

Package review all weekend irc: #fedora-devel  ?
Art Team Hacking Aug. 15. All day. MairinDuffy will be available starting 1400 UTC ([1] ) irc: #fedora-art MairinDuffy