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Desktop Switchoff Annoyances

This is a collection of annoyances that the participants of the February 2010 Desktop Switchoff experienced. It is supposed to offer ideas for future improvements of either desktop environments. Every entry is signed by the person who experienced a specific annoyance to make it easier to work out a solution together.

KDE to GNOME Switchers

No items yet.

GNOME to KDE Switchers

Multimonitor Support

Especially in conjunction with docking stations. When I dock my laptop I expect the internal monitor to turn off and have my TFT monitor, that is connected to the DisplayPort of my X200 Ultrabase, to take over. In GNOME this unfortunately doesn't work automatically. In KDE however, additionally to it not working automagically, when undocking my laptop (after using it with the internal monitor manually turned off) the internal monitor is not turned on again thus leaving me without any graphical output. I can then only zap the X server and login again. --Heffer 01:01, 18 February 2010 (UTC)


Hotkeys don't work as well as I'm used to in GNOME. Based on a Lenovo ThinkPad X200 (7455-D7G)

Key Function Works in GNOME? Works in KDE?
Fn-F2 Lock Screen OOTB No
Fn-F3 Display battery info OOTB Yes, after manual setup
Fn-F4 Suspend to RAM OOTB No (no further setup/testing yet)
Fn-F5 Rfkill OOTB OOTB
Fn-F7 Cycle Monitor outputs OOTB No (no further setup/testing yet)
Fn-F8 Turn off Trackpoint No No
Fn-F9 Undock Not really No
Fn-F12 Suspend to disk Not tested Not tested
The following pretty much depend on the player used. I am comparing Rhythmbox to Amarok here.
Fn-Up Multimedia Stop OOTB No
Fn-Down Multimedia Play/Pause OOTB No
Fn-Left Multimedia Previous OOTB No
Fn-Right Multimedia Next OOTB No
Volume Up Volume Up OOTB After manual setup
Volume Down Volume Down OOTB After manual setup
Mute Mute No Broken (Only mutes, does not unmute)

--Heffer 01:01, 18 February 2010 (UTC)


German localization in GNOME is much more complete than in KDE. There are many places that are untranslated (Assuming KDE 4.4). --Heffer 01:01, 18 February 2010 (UTC)


The design does have some glitches. I will try to provide screenshots of the actual annoyances soon. Also GTK Apps look ugly (which mostly isn't KDE's fault)


KDE seems untidy, especially what the menu is concerned. I need a lot more clicks to start programs or adjust settings.

KDE Wallet

GNOME's Keyring unlocks automatically on login. KDE's Wallet does not and doesn't have an option for that. Also it keeps asking for the password from time to time if the timeout is not deactivated.

Formatting Drives

GNOME has an option built into the Desktop to format Drives. KDE has a partition manager in the repos which is quite uncomfortable to use.