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This page documents a few additional steps to enable building LiveCDs in an existing Koji installation, how to build one, and where the code will grow from here. This is a very new feature and there hasn't been much external testing yet, so please keep that mind if you run into difficulty. For additional questions and information, ask around in #koji on FreeNode IRC and sign up to the right mailing lists as the Koji project website dictates.

Build System Preparation

This section assumes you have know-how required to install and configure a new instance of Koji, and that you have already done so. You can learn how to do so /ServerHowTo here if you need to. Follow this procedure step by step to get things prepared they way they need to be:

  • [i]mkdir /mnt/koji/images[/i]: create a directory to put the finished images
  • [i]chown apache:apache /mnt/koji/images[/i]: let apache read and write to it

(article is being written right now)

Building a LiveCD


Future Development