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Contributing roles in the L10n (localization) Project

Contributing roles
This is only suggestions for contributing roles. Only your imagination sets the limits.

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پروجه محلی سازی فدورا

The goal of the Fedora Localization Project (FLP) is to bring everything around Fedora (the Software, Documentation, Websites and culture) closer to local communities (countries, languages and in general cultural groups). Usually this involves doing translations via PO files but is certainly not limited to that.

is an abbreviation of the term "Localization" by means of a so called numeronym, a way of replacing the middle letters of a word (in casu 'ocalizatio') by naming the number of letters between the first and last letter of that word (in case 10): Localization

لیست زبان ها

Refer to http://translate.fedoraproject.org/languages for an overview of how many languages are available and have substantial translation of our essential software.

Joining the Fedora Localization Project

برای مشاهده راهنمای سریع ترجمه لطفا مراجعه کنید به Translation Quick Start Guide.

مترجم های جدید:

منابع قابل استفاده دیگر:

راه های دیگر برای کمک:

== لیست تیم های مترجم


'cvsl10n' Group Administrators and Sponsors

=== ا===ارتباطات

لیست گروه های ایمیلی

There are some mailing lists that interest members of the FLP.

  • The main list is fedora-trans-list (archive ), which holds discussions about translations, team coordination, etc.
  • Technical issues are discussed at fedora-i18n-list . If you are interested in more than translations, e.g. our websites, Bugzilla, the mailing list, etc, you would want to join this as well.

Commits list

  • We've setup the group 'l10n-commits' for those who would like to receive emails for commits in the /cvs/l10n/ repo and various other emails.
  • To subscribe, go to the Fedora Accounts System and add yourself to l10n-commits. Unfortunately the system needs approval, so someone should jump in to approve you, که می باست بسرعت انجام شود.

IRC کانال

گردهمایی ها

برنامه زمان بندی شده

ترجمه ها در زمان بندی های فوق قطعی می شود و برای استفاده در محصولات بکار گرفته می شوند.

Fedora L10N Steering Committee

The Fedora Localization Steering Committee (FLSCo) leads the Fedora Localization Project (FLP). Its mission is to provide the Fedora translators with necessary guidance, and support their efforts to localize the Fedora Project to multiple languages and cultures.

If you have a question, need clarifications or have problems, please contact Fedora L10n Steering Committee.

For more information: Fedora L10n Steering Committee

Bug Reporting, Testing, and Quality Assurance

Before you file a bug, please read through the list of current and previous bugs for the corresponding software package to determine if your bug has already been filed. If your bug does not exists, enter a bug report using the Bugzilla bug entry page. If your bug exists and has not been fixed, add additional information to the existing bug. If your bug exists and has been fixed, upgrade to the version in the bug report to determine if the bug was properly fixed. If it was not, reopen the bug.

Useful Bugzilla pages:

Some other interesting Bugzilla queries:

== برنامه و ترجیهات در ترجمه ==

برنامه زمان بندی شده

برنامه زمانبندی شده ی پروجه ی فدوراFedora Schedule.

جزئیات فعالیت ها و ریز زمان بندی را در ادرس زیر می توانید ملاحظه کنید Fedora Schedule یا در ادرس f-12.


نرم افزار ها====== Priority Modules for software applications are always under Fedora 12 collection, however there may other modules important and different for each individual language.

Here is the list of modules under Fedora 12 collection: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N/ImportantPackages

مستند سازی

L10n Priority for Fedora Guides to be published has been provided at L10n Priority.