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Issues and Requirements for Fedora localization

Pressing Issues

   * Translators have to know too much technical skills to be able to contribute
         o We loose many translators who have good domain knowledge and linguistic skills, but little development-centric experience 
   * Translators are unable to submit translations-updates for Fedora packages where Fedora is upstream
         o Translators are not familiar with the concepts of submitting patches against PO files in a release-tarball.
         o Transifex & Damned Lies only track translations in HEAD.
         o A similar issue has been for RHEL5.x where translators have been searching for RHEL VCS branches when really they should be submitting patches against a release tarball. 
   * Usability Issues with the current Fedora Translation Infrastructure
         o Damned Lies displaying old or incorrect statistics
         o Damned Lies UI unresponsive or very slow at times
         o Damned Lies not being able to display statistics for Publican-based documents (many PO files pr document)
         o Damned Lies showing a lot of error messages and warnings that are confusing translators
         o Download (Damned Lies) and Upload (Transifex) as separate applications confuses translators
         o When submitting through Transifex, it takes a long time for statistics to reflect on Damned Lies status pages
         o Registration for participation as a Fedora translator is a long and tedious 9-step process with lots of technical challenges
         o When translating documents with many PO files, translators cannot upload or download multiple PO files at once 

Translator Aids - for improving Translation Process

   * Translation Reuse and Terminology Management
   * Change Tracking, QA Process - being able to see who translated what
   * Tracking Upstream Translations, for Translation Reuse and backporting translation-changes
   * Notification on updates and changes through e.g. RSS and Email
   * Ease entry to translation - without sacrificing quality - through an optional web-based translation tool 

Nice to Have - for future consideration but only conceptual ideas

   * Being able to push language-packs independently of main package
         o Language Maintainer the owner of the language-package
         o Allows teams to iteratively work on Fedora translation not limited to the 1 month 'string-freeze' period