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* [[User:Tjyrinki|Timo Jyrinki]] (mostly translating upstream projects in Transifex)
* [[User:Tjyrinki|Timo Jyrinki]] (mostly translating upstream projects in Transifex)
* Lasse Liehu
* Lauri Nurmi
* Lauri Nurmi
* [[User:Scop|Ville Skyttä]]
* [[User:Scop|Ville Skyttä]]

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The Fedora Localization Project - Finnish Translation Team

From Wikipedia : Finnish (suomi) is the language spoken by the majority of the population in Finland and by ethnic Finns outside Finland. It is also an official language in Finland.

Members and Contacts

Ville-Pekka Vainio can sponsor new contributors for the cvsl10n group in FAS. Please send an introduction mail to the fedora-trans-list mailing list to get sponsored.

We don't have a mailing list, please use the general fedora-trans-list for discussions about the Finnish translation. For general Finnish open source localization information, please visit lokalisointi.org.

The easiest way to contact us is probably IRC, either #fedora.fi (IRCnet) or #lokalisointi (both Freenode and IRCNet, combined via a gateway bot).

Lyhyesti suomeksi

Suomen käännöstiimiin saa helpoiten yhteyden IRCissä, #fedora.fi tai #lokalisointi IRCNet-verkossa. Tärkeimmät moduulit on lähes täysin käännetty, mutta jos Fedoran kääntäminen suomeksi kiinnostaa, ota yhteyttä, uusia tekijöitä tarvitaan aina.