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Please keep the list in alphabetical order.

Language Name [Code] Active member total(approx) Rank Nickname Address Join year
Fedorian [ab] 10 1st Ted teddy.bear at fpo.org 2005
2nd Tama tamanojo.thecat at example.com 2010
3rd Woofee Wolverine.samurai at fpo.org 2003
Gujarati [gu] 2 1st swkothar swkothar at redhat.com 2008
2nd ankit ankit at redhat.com 2004
Hebrew [he] 2 1st elad elad at fedoraproject dot org 2008
2nd yaron yaron at fedoraproject dot org 2011
Hungarian [hu] 12 1st teferenc teferenc at fpo dot org 2013
2nd geleimate geleimate at fpo dot org 2011
Dutch [nl] 4 1st Geert Warrink geert DOT warrink AT onsnet DOT nu
Polish [pl] 1 1st raven piotrdrag at gmail dot com 2005
Ukrainian [uk] 4 1st mvdz dziumanenko at gmail dot com 2004
Chinese (Traditional) [zh-TW] 4 1st zerng07 (Cheng-Chia Tseng) pswo10680 at gmail.com 2010
2nd snowlet (Chester Cheng) ccheng at redhat.com 2004
3rd tchuang (Terry Chuang) tchuang at redhat.com 2008
Chinese (Simplified) [zh-CN] 10 1st bbbush bbbush AT fedoraproject dot org -
2nd tiansworld tiansworld AT fedoraproject dot org 2008
3rd lovenemesis lovenemesis AT fedoraproject dot org -
Español [es] 8+ 1st beckerde (Domingo Becker) domingobecker at gmail dot com 2006
2nd logan (Daniel Cabrera) logan at fedoraproject dot com 2010
3rd espasmo (Fernando Espinoza) espasmo at fedoraproject dot com 2013
Telugu [te] 7 1st krishnababu kkrothap at redhat.com 2008
2nd Veeven veeven@gmail.com 2010
3rd Praveen Illa mail2ipn@gmail.com 2011
Tamil [ta] 5 1st arunprakash arunprakash.pts at gmail.com 2011
Odia [or] 1 1st Manoj mgiri at redhat.com 2008
Japanese [ja] 20 1st elf (Jokagi) elf at poyo.jp 2003
2st nahareport (Casey Jones) nahareport at yahoo.com 2010
3rd htaira (Hajime Taira) htaira at redhat.com 2004