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  • Assurance of where the money's coming from (Rodrigo paid for hosting w/ RH Brasil money)
  • DNS - Same as actual hosting
    • Possible to take care of this through initiative
    • - Expires Dec 9, 2012
    • - Expires Oct 10, 2010
    • Both domains are 'property' of Rodrigo Padula.
  • Reliability (has there been problems keeping the sites up?)
    • None at all. It's just the assurance of knowing this will be alive after rodrigo leaves or whatever happens.Nushio 00:26, 28 August 2010 (UTC)


  • Be Official
  • To permit participation of all collaborators in World
  • To stimulate collaboration and utilization of official resources of Fedora
  • To avoid more than one resource with the same target
  • There is more collaborators in Fedora-admin instead possible group "Fedora-latam-admin"
  • All members of "Fedora-latam-admin" could help in all infra


  • Timpus (Java Webapp)
  • Unnamed Web Survey Platform (Java Webapp)
    • RPMDev (Redmine / Ruby on Rails)
      • Documentation about using rpm/yum in spanish
      • Some coding help for same
      • Some best practices around package management
      • Organization about translating packaging documents
    • Mailing lists for (Could be moved to @lists.fp.o without any loss)
      • Ceam (Central America)
      • revista (Fedora Magazine)
      • usuarios (spanish fedora user support)
      • devel (Spanish devel list)
    • Wordpress for Latam ambassadors -- Blogs for latam countries
    • Wiki duplication efforts ( vs )
    • Be able to tie into FAS for users and authentication (Very Important)