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Let's have a Fedora Birds of a Feather presence at the Large Installation System Administrators conference to market share and brand awareness.

When: Tuesday November 9, 2010 at 9 P.M. Where: San Jose Marriott, by the convention center 301 South Market Street San Jose, California 95113 in the Willow Glen room, second floor.


The Large Installation System Administrators (LISA) conference is the largest and the longest running system administrators conference run by the USENIX association. In order to increase attendee dialogue, Birds-of-a-Feather meetings are encouraged. Fedora has had successful BoF at this conference for at least 3 years but this is the first time we are increasing the level of organisation.


There are 1000 people registered for LISA 2010.

  • Attendees are 80% system administrators, 15% vendors who make system administrators, 3% staff, 2% personal guests of attendees.
  • Products used are typically *nix-centric.
  • Free Software is preferred.
  • Most conference attendees are present Wednesday morning - Friday morning.


Tuesday November 9 at 9 P.M. - we are holding this time slot as of Sunday late afternoon.

The below points is historical documentation on how we arrived on this schedule decision.

Facts on scheduling

  • BoF space is available Sunday - Thursday nights 7pm - 11pm at LISA.
  • Most time slots are taken: Still available Tuesday at 9pm, Wednesday at 10pm or Thursday at 8:30pm.
  • Thursday tends to be a "vendor bof" night. Free swag and munchies are highly expected.
  • For optimal attendance, the BoF should be held either Wednesday or Thursday night.
  • Not all rooms have a/v support.

Who can attend and when

  • User:bethlynn can attend any evening
  • User:bcotton can attend any evening except Tuesday at 7pm
  • David Nalley can attend Tuesday-Friday
  • User:quaid can only attend Tuesday
  • Larry Cafiero can attend Tuesday or Wed


Larry's Stash

Larry has balloons, t-shirts, and pens.

Install Media

It is too soon after F14 release to obtain professional pressed media. Instead we will procure a usb sticks for on the site installation.

Event Box

The event box contains a banner and some XO's.

While that would be visually interesting, it is not necessary. It is not worth the shipping to send it at this point.





TBD - minute by minute activity and owner needs to be assigned

Possible topics

  • How to become a Fedora contributor
  • F14 talking points
  • SELinux (David Nalley's talk)
  • on site F14 installfest


Who will be responsible for making the room welcoming?


  • Recruit contributors
  • Lug referrals for new to Linux users
  • Did we meet people who are doing awesome things with Fedora? Great stuff for marketing...
  • Write a blog post and link it on the events chart.

No conference registration is required for BoF participants or guests. Therefore, we can inform Bay-Area LUGs that this is happening.