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The Fedora LXDE spin is meant to be a lightweight but yet complete desktop based on LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment.


Detailed Description

LXDE is a modern but lightweight desktop including a panel, desktop icons and a file manager together with a collection of lightweight applications for every day needs. For more information about LXDE please visit the LXDE wiki page .

Benefit to Fedora

Current Fedora installs need a lot of disk space and resources. This is an attempt to make Fedora suitable for older and smaller machines like Netbooks or the XO.

Kickstart File

ISO Name / FS Label

  • ISO name: Fedora-$release-$arch-Live-LXDE
  • FS-Label: Fedora-$release-$arch-LXDE


Scope / Testing

  1. Run basic spin testing
  2. Test installs from livecd and usb, test livecdcreator
  3. Things to test on LXDE

Comments and Discussion