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* [[User:mmoeller| Marcus Moeller]]
* [[User:mmoeller| Marcus Moeller]]
* [[User:summerm| Matthias Summer]]
== Booth ==
== Booth ==

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[edit] Fedora Events: LinuxDay 2010 - Dornbirn, Austria

LinuxDay is a small event in Austria near the Swiss, German, and Lichtenstein border with around 300 visitors. This year is the 10th birthday of this one day conference.

[edit] When and Where

  • Date : Saturday, November 27th, 2010
  • Location : Dornbirn
  HTL Dornbirn
  Höchsterstr. 73
  A-6851 Dornbirn 
  • Time : 09:00 till 18:00

[edit] Attendees (Booth staff)

[edit] Booth

  • Booth Nr: xx

This things are free of charge.

  • Space
  • one table and some chairs
  • WLAN-Internet-Access and electricity

There is no more or special equipment needed for the booth.

[edit] Layout

  • Demo machines with Gnome
  • Fedora standup banner


  • Fedora 14 Live CDs
  • Laptop Sticker
  • perhaps again the small Fedora Flyers

[edit] Status

  • 2009-xx-xx -- Booth confirmed
  • 2009-xx-xx -- Fedora is registered

The deadline for the "Call for papers" will be at the end of September usually.

[edit] Reports

  • after the event

[edit] Pictures

  • coming soon