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(When and Where)
(When and Where)
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* Saturday, Oct 25th
* Saturday, Oct 25th
* All around Italy (see map [] here])
* All around Italy (see map [ here])
== Goals ==
== Goals ==

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Fedora Events: LinuxDay 2008 in Italy

When and Where

Linux day is an event opened to every linux distribution, we want to support fedora with talks, gadget and new innovation stuff.

  • Saturday, Oct 25th
  • All around Italy (see map here)


  • Spread fedora during this linux day: an organized fedora support during italian linux day has never been done since 2001
  • Recruit new ambassadors

What we want to provides?

  • CD/DVDs (need about 1000 CD/DVDs -> ~10 CD/DVD for event)
  • Buildable Fedora USB fill Station
  • Talks (at least one talk for Ambassador)

Covering all Italian events is quite difficult, there are three events type to define a different allocation budget and responsability:

  • event with Ambassadors (At least 1 talk for ambassador on fedora, USB stick refill, CD/DVDs)
  • event without ambassadors, but with people interested to help us (USB stick refill, CD/DVDs)
  • others (only CD/DVDs, if available)

Every ambassador must write a report (using these guidelines) and, when possible, provides photos and videos. In other cases report is not mandatory.


Icon legend:

Warning.png Assigned but not completed
Checkmark.png Assigned and completed

Stop (medium size).png NOT Assigned and not completed
If you add yourself to this table, update the people counter too!
Name Talk USB Station Location
Luca Foppiano Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Lodi - LOLUG
Francesco Crippa Checkmark.png Checkmark.png Lodi - LOLUG
Gianluca Varisco Checkmark.png Milan
Francesco Ugolini
Lorenzo Villani Checkmark.png Firenze - FLUG
Andrea Modesto Rossi Pavia - TiLUG
Marco Palazzotti Rome
Antonio Montagnani Varese
Lucia Losi Lodi - LOLUG

Count: 9

Fedora USB Stick kit

Fedora USB Stick kit is a box with all the necessary to build a fedora USB station, it is composed by several components.

Component Cost (per unit) Assigned to Status
DVD with fedora live + kobold + ISOs 1 € (est.) Nobody Stop (medium size).png
A3 Poster 10 € (est.) Nobody Stop (medium size).png
USB Cable (2 meters) 1.75€ + VAT (est) Nobody Stop (medium size).png
Stickers Nobody Stop (medium size).png
Box 2€ (est. - price depends on dimensions, quality...) LucaFoppiano Warning.png
T-Shirt (x3) Nobody Stop (medium size).png

Example deployment of the contents here


Summary Assigned To Details Status
USB Stick Kit - Artwork & Marketing LucaFoppiano, SamueleStorari Warning.png
LUGs feedback AndreaModestoRossi Contact LUGs to understand the real interest to use and sponsorize Fedora. Warning.png
Contact the ILS LucaFoppiano Manage Italian Linux Society (Linux Day owner and main sponsor) to deliver gadgets and contact for organization Warning.png
CD/DVD LucaFoppiano Manage the CD/DVD orders Warning.png
Sponsorships LucaFoppiano Get information about contrains and rules about external sponsorship Warning.png
Software Nobody Working on kobold and ISO spin Warning.png


No reports, yet

Event Pictures

No pictures, yet