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It's known that some Fedora packages can't be updated to if the particular packaged software is running at the same time. If these packages are updated, this will cause hangup or crash in running process when files change on disk.

This can lead to indirect security issues if all updates are suspended for long period of time while trying to avoid harmful interrupts and some critical updates don't get installed soon enough.

Purpose of this page is to list those packages and collect detailed information about reasons that cause it and possibly suggest/refer improvements if possible.

If you add something to the list, please state the reason so we can later classify them.

And people reading this list should remember that permitting to work while everything is changed under the hood is a complex process, so software on this list should not be seen as "wrongly designed" or anything like this.

To classify :

  • kde* -
  • NetworkManager -

Classified :

  • firefox - may crash due to files being removed from the disk without firefox noticing. Potentially due to the nature of xul engine
  • thunderbird - same as firefox