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Page owner

Please contact the page owner in case of any queries. Please do only contact him for media if he is the contact local to you.

For Contributors

  • This is a voluntary list. However, if you do decide to be a part of the scheme, we'd really expect you to be accountable for the requests you receive and therefore service them satisfactorily.
  • If you'd like to participate but do not have the required ISOs, please request a contact near you from the list below.
  • Please keep the table up to date

For users

Please don't call all contacts at the same time. Please contact any one and wait for response.
  • Only the current version of Fedora (16) will be available.
  • Please go through the list below and contact the person nearest to you.
  • You need to bring your own DVD/CD/USB media. If the contact is not in the same location, you would be required to send a blank media and self addressed reply envelope with postage to a contact.
  • All contributors may not have all media. Please go through the table below
  • Please allow two to four weeks for the requests to be serviced. If you're sending blank media and postage etc., please do it at the earliest after your request was accepted.
  • If you are having any problem regarding this program, please mail the page owner.

Request tracker

Archived - Do not use


Please add yourself such that your city is in alphabetical order. This will make it easier for requesters to find you.

Name DVD Desktop Live KDE Live Other media Location
Ankur Sinha 32bit, 64bit 32bit, 64bit 32bit, 64bit Can download and provide on request Bangalore, Karnataka