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[ Brazilian Fedora Forum]  
[ Brazilian Fedora Forum]  
[ easyLife]  
[ easyLife]  
== Guides I've wrote ==
== Guides I've wrote ==

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Luís Felipe Bretas Marzagão


IRC: duli (#fedora-br and #fedora on
Location: São Paulo , SP - Brazil

Fedora account: duli

Language: portuguese, english

Profession: Lawyer

Important.png Fedora Ambassador for SP LuisMarzagao sp flag.png - Brazil LuisMarzagao brazil flag.png

Projects involved

Fedora Ambassadors

Fedora Free Media Program

Projeto Fedora Brasil

Brazilian Fedora Forum


Guides I've wrote

Video tour about Fedora basic use (with beryl 3D effects) (pt_BR)

Fedora 8 post-install guide (pt_BR)

Fedora 9 post-install guide (pt_BR)

Horde Groupware Webmail Edition on Fedora/CentOS (en_US)

How-to Software RAID 1 (mirroring) on Fedora (en_US)

How-to manipulate PDF files (en_US)

How-to Print Server TE100-P1U + Fedora + CUPS (en_US)

GPG Public Key

ID: 7D2F0664

Link: Public Key

Import my key:
$ gpg --keyserver --recv-key 0x7D2F0664