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[[User:vyas|Mohak Vyas]]
[[User:vyas|Mohak Vyas]]
='''Project Details''' =
I've packaged Glimpse as an RPM
here's the [ link]

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[edit] Project Name

Creating an MDRK Spin/Mozilla Developer Resource Kit

[edit] Project Description

The Mozilla Developer Resource Kit is a set of tools, code, and documentation intended to make it easy for new Mozilla developers to get up to speed. Package the MDRK components (including the software tools, a Moz source tree, and documentation) as RPM packages and then create a Fedora "spin" (Live + Installable DVD) of these packages.

Edit the spin image (from Revisor/Live CD Tools) so that, in addition to being a bootable/installable disc, the image can be run in a VM under Windows/Mac OSX. The disc image must be edited to include Windows/Mac OSX versions of the tools, so that if the disc is inserted into a running Windows or Mac OSX system, the appropriate version can be installed.

[edit] Project Leader

Mohak Vyas

[edit] Project Details

I've packaged Glimpse as an RPM here's the link