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(Fedora Maps)
(Currently available maps)
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* [[Maps/el4|EPEL EL-4]]
* [[Maps/el4|EPEL EL-4]]
* [[Maps/el5|EPEL EL-5]]
* [[Maps/el5|EPEL EL-5]]
The maps are also hosted off:

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Fedora Maps

Fedora Maps represent the geographical distribution of people who contact fedora servers. The servers can be MirrorManager used for installing/updating packages or can be the fedora wiki or the cvs servers.

The maps are generated at 11:40 UTC every day and use data from the previous did.

The maps use apache access logs and GeoLite ( data to convert the source ip addresses into geographical locations.

Currently available maps

The only mapped server right now is the MirrorManager. The following MirrorManager maps are currently available:

Note: The maps are also hosted off:{f8,f8newkey,f9,f9newkey,el4,el5}