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Marketing Schedule

Fedora Marketing Open Issues

This page describes all currently open action items involved with Fedora Marketing.

Task Name Owner Target Date Notes
Priority 1
Daily news feeds RahulSundaram ThomasChung  ? A blurb with a few news feeds linking to which presents a like interface would be good. The collective news would include pr,reviews, announcements, package updates etc and would be fed into fedora people as a blog too. Maybe fedora people/news like planet gnome
Standard Operating Procedure for Publicising Fedora Events MarketingGroup  ? Rahul created a base, this is off his plate, awaiting a new owner
Fedora-based Distros RahulSundaram TejasDinkar  ? Rahul to comb distrowatch and contact non-commercial distros. Tejas to make a summary of all Fedora Based distros. Progress: [DistrosBasedOnFedora]
Fedora Marketing Kit MarketingGroup  ? Different purposes, different kits. We need templates. We also need to get the CMCs out first.
Priority 2
Sponsors MarketingGroup  ? People that give the fedoraproject hardware/money/donations. Well, companies. We want their logos displayed somewhere prominent.
Presentation Card Deck MarketingGroup  ? Add FAQs on presentation cards, with responses, which are good for making "sales pitches". For empowering Ambassadors.
Priority 3

Fedora Marketing Closed Issues

LCA2006 JoshuaWulf ColinCharles 2005-10-21 These two nutjobs will try running a Fedora MiniConf at LCA2006, in New Zealand.
Fedora QA Team 2005-10-21 Fearless leader Jack, where oh where are you?
Tango 2005-10-21 How can we work alongside OpenSUSE?
Dogtail 2005-10-21 insert text here; get zcerca? aliases SethVidal ElliotLee 2005-10-21 Blocked on admin/infrastructure projects in process...
Fedora Website 2005-10-21 See the Websites project for details.
Fedora Artwork 2005-10-21 Discuss CD Labels and all forms of good artwork
Swag distribution MattFrye ongoing Have we got a process?
Legacy Group in Installer RahulSundaram 2005-09-15 Installer will not have enabled by default. Include something in relnotes?
f.r.c and BobJensen 2005-09-15 Bob to clean up f.r.c, remove stale materials
Fedora CMCs MarketingGroup ongoing Recruit CMCs. Invite top fedora-list contributors? Perhaps change the title from CMC
Fedora Logo GregDeKoenigsberg 2005-10-21 First draft from a Real Designer already available
Fedora Marketing Community Contacts ColinCharles 2005-09-30 Initial ["Marketing/CommunityMarketingContacts"] created. Needs review and expansion. PUBLICITY, and decide on list usage
Fedora Mentors MarcWiriadisastra 2005-09-30 More users have signed up, next target is to advertise to the users. There needs to be PR to other news sites re: this.
Fedora Mentors Mailing List GregDeKoenigsberg 2005-09-07 Marc has all the necessary listinfo
Welcome Windows Users 2005-09-01 Welcome Windows users, provide some form of transition kit. Karsten mentions this is beyond the scope of Docs, but if there existed a tool in Fedora, it can be documented. is suggested, for settings migration.
FUDCon London 2005 AlexMaier GregDeKoenigsberg ColinCharles 2005-09-01 Fix the hole, and finalise the schedule
Fedora Links BobJensen 2005-09-01 Bob to create links of all relevant Fedora sites, and place at
Promote FUDCon RahulSundaram MarketingGroup till-FUDCON Get weekly updates until FUDCon London
FUDCon Roundup AlexMaier 2005-10-21 Roundup of FUDCon London 2005


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