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== Projects ==
== Projects ==
* [[Fedora print magazine]]
* [[Marketing research]]
* [[User stories]]
* [[User stories]]
* [[Fedora Insight]]
* [[Fedora Insight]]
* [[FWN]]
* [[FWN]]
* [[Fedora-tour]]
* 把您的想法也放在这里吧!
* [[Marketing/SocialNetworks|Building a social networks presence]]
* [[Marketing_FAD_2010| Marketing FAD - 2010]] with shooting some photos
* [ User:Sankarshan/FedoraHandbook Fedora Handbook]
* [[Book Club]]
* [[Maintaining distroblog area on| Distroblog]]
* [[Marketing support brainstorm]] - Discussion on how marketing can better support spins, projects, devel, etc.
* [[Marketing/SWOT|SWOT Analysis]] WIP
* [[Video hosting]]
* [[Marketing/LiveUsbCreator| Live USB Creator]]
* [[Team event brochures]]
* [[Marketing SeLinux]]
Here is also some space for project wishes or ideas. Simply start here...
[[Marketing/Archive#Old Projects]] 清单列出了所有过去的项目。
== Release deliverables ==
== Release deliverables ==

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如果您是出版社的人员,请进入我们特别为您开设的页面: 点击此处进入 .

What we do

How to contact the Marketing team
Mailing list: marketing
Visit this link to sign up for the email list for the Marketing team.
Chat: #fedora-mktg[?]
This is where real-time chat with Marketing team members happens.

The short version: The Fedora Marketing Team ensures that people in Fedora can consistently explain to everyone what Fedora is, why the project can help them, and how they can help the project.

Slightly longer version: The Fedora Marketing Team develops and executes marketing strategies to promote the usage and support of Fedora worldwide. Through the development of processes and content, this project aims to support the efforts of other Fedora projects to spread Fedora and to provide a central repository of ideas and information that can be used to deliver Fedora to new audiences. We work closely with the Fedora Ambassadors who spread the word about Fedora at events and allow the Fedora Project to interact directly with its existing and prospective users.

What's happening

Fedora operates on a time based release schedule. So does Fedora Marketing. We go through several successive phases during each 6-month release cycle, and every phase has different milestones and tasks that you can help with. Check out /Schedule to see where we are and what you can help with right now.


How can I help the marketing group?

Here are some of the aspects on which you can work by joining the Fedora marketing group:

  • Help spread news on all major development updates, releases, new projects and events related to Fedora. Consider picking one or two stories and alerting the press about it.
  • Solicit Linux User Groups members to use and contribute to Fedora.
  • Dispel common myths and educate the public about Fedora.

Joining the Fedora Marketing Project

To learn how to join Fedora Marketing Project, please see the Join page.


目前我们的 IRC 会议 并不经常举行。我们也暂未有相关的会议计划,但是如果有需求我们会立刻举行。

Mailing List

The Fedora Marketing mailing list, marketing AT , hosts discussions related to Marketing. Anyone interested in marketing Fedora should join this list.


The contributors page lists active Fedora Marketing contributors.

How are we doing?

We're beginning to think about how to tell how well we're doing as a Team. So far, we have the Marketing team community health dashboard - but we could also use some help thinking about this area as well. Let us know your ideas!

Resources you can use for marketing purposes

These resources will help you take Fedora to the people:

Marketing SOPs

For walkthroughs on common Marketing-related tasks, see Category:Marketing SOPs - feel free to add your own!



Marketing/Archive#Old Projects 清单列出了所有过去的项目。

Release deliverables

The Marketing team is responsible for producing marketing release deliverables for each Fedora release. Our team's deliverables are focused on the Desktop Spin; we also provide resources to help other groups within Fedora make similar marketing deliverables for their projects.

Our work in progress on Desktop Spin deliverables for the current release, as well as the marketing release deliverables for all current actively supported Fedora releases (the prior 2 releases), can be found in the table below.

For more information on each deliverable type, including instructions on how to make them (Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs) and non-Desktop-Spin variants produced by other teams for each release, click on the name of the deliverable in the table below.

Release deliverable type SOP (how to make) Last supported release Current release Release in development
Talking points Talking points SOP F26 talking points F27 talking points F28 talking points
Release slogan Release slogan SOP F26 release slogan F27 release slogan F28 release slogan
Feature profiles Feature profiles SOP F26 feature profiles F27 feature profiles F28 feature profiles
Screenshots library Screenshots library SOP (new in F27) F27 screenshots library F28 screenshots library
Beta announcement Beta announcement SOP (undocumented for F26) F27 Beta announcement F28 Beta announcement
One page release notes One page release notes SOP (new in F27) F27 one page release notes F28 one page release notes
Ambassadors briefing Ambassadors briefing SOP (new in F28) (new in F28) F28 Ambassadors briefing
Final announcement Final announcement SOP Fedora 26 announcement Fedora 27 announcement Fedora 28 announcement
Press kit Press kit SOP Fedora 26 press kit Fedora 27 press kit Fedora 28 press kit
Marketing retrospective Marketing retrospective SOP (new in F27) F27 marketing retrospective F28 marketing retrospective

Release activities

  • Briefing Ambassadors
  • coordinating PR
  • Monitoring PR/news from the release
  • Fedora news distribution network (FNDN)
    • sending out beta release announcements
    • send out Release Informations to the press

Press archives



Marketing budget