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Social Networks

There're a lot of Fedora developers, users, friends and enthusiastic people all over the world. Here you are a list of Social Network links where you can find who we are and what we do.

Network Groups Links Manager
Linkedin Fedora, Fedora Ambassadors, Paul W. Frields, et al.
Bebo Fedora Project Keiran Smith
XING Fedora, Fedora Ambassadors SandroMathys, GeroldKassube and FabianAffolter
Flickr fedora linux
Facebook Fedora Core Rocks!, Fedora Core Users, Fedora-Linux, Fedora Ambassadors, Fedora Bangladesh, Fedora Malaysia
Plaxo Pulse Fedora Project
MySpace Fedora Project PatrickBarnes
Frappr Fedora Project RahulSundaram
wer-kennt-wen Fedora, Fedora Ambassadors HenrikHeigl
Lokalisten Fedora HenrikHeigl
Twitter Fedora MatiasKreder Fedora Malaysia User:Izhar
Friendfeed fedora_linux Mostafa Daneshvar