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Mass bug filing


From time to time when changes are required accross a group of packages it may be required to mass file bugs against all packages in that group. This page attempts to describe steps to take before filing these sorts of mass bugs and how to file them in the event you need to.

Gain consensus of needed changes

First you should post to the Fedora devel list and gain consensus for the changes you want to make. No matter how simple or needed you might think they are, there may be better ways to do things or the change may not be needed for other reasons. After gaining a consensus from the list you may also ask involved maintainers to simply change their packages then.

Announce to devel-announce

Once you have a clear idea of the changes needed, post a clear email on changes needed to the devel-announce list. Wait at least a week to allow maintainers to make changes or ask you further questions about the change on the devel list. If the change must be done due to some deadline, please note it in the email. If you intend to have provenpackager(s) simply make the changes to all unchanged packages, please note that as well in the email.

File tracker bug

Now you can file a tracker bug and bugs against all the packages that still need changes. Note that you should check to make sure maintainers didn't already make the changes and only file bugs against those packages that didn't. In the bugs you should note the devel list thread, the devel-announce post and any other discussion. If there's a deadline when someone will make the changes for the maintainer, note that as well.