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Meeting Time

  • 2012-06-23 04:00 UTC
  • In a terminal: date -d '2012-06-23 04:00 UTC'
  • #fedora-meeting on
  • Meetings go for just over one hour, but sometimes go longer.

For Help on IRC


This week's APAC Ambassadors Meeting will be chaired by Dramsey

Meeting Protocol


' Please feel free to add your topic under the agenda
 section. Long agendas are hard to manage therefore keep it simple and add
 relevant details under the topic in short form. Please mention your name
 with the topic as well, then it is easy to identify who owns the topic.
eg: APAC Plans for 2012 (Suresh)

Init process

Your name and FAS for the meeting logs. Please use the zodbot commands (.fas, .fasinfo)

Trac tickets

  • Trac tickets that need to be discussed go here



  • Minutes: Add links here
  • Minutes (text): Add links here


  • Log: Minutes: Add links here
  • Log (Text): Add links here

Next Meeting