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(News from FAmSCo)
(APAC Events: plans, status, reports)
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* Any news on APAC Release Events?
* Any news on APAC Release Events?
** [ Fedora Release Events]
** [ Fedora Release Events]
* Any news on APAC Events? <== added by DBR, 02/05/2013
** [ APAC's FY2013 Quarter 4 Events - FY13 Q4 (December 2012 - February 2013)]
** [ FY14 Q1 (March 2013 - May 2013)]
* APAC'ers do you need any swag? <== added by DBR, 02/05/2013
* APAC'ers do you need any swag? <== added by DBR, 02/05/2013

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Meeting Details


Please add the participants after the meeting


Please feel free to add to the agenda
Please keep in mind that long agendas are hard to manage. Please keep it simple and add any details under the topic in short form. Please mention your name with the topic as well. eg: APAC Plans for 2013 (Suresh)

News from FAmSCo

  • Any news to be presented by Buddhike and/or Tuan.
  • If Buddhike and Tuan are not present, then next anyone may present news or skip to the next topic.

Review action items from last meeting

APAC Events: plans, status, reports

APAC Events
Add any reports and/or events here.
  • What is the status for APAC's FY2013 Budget? <== added by DBR, 02/05/2013 and 01/31/2013
    • FYI, the end of FY2013 is February 28, 2013.
  • APAC'ers do you need any swag? <== added by DBR, 02/05/2013
    • What do you need to succeed?
    • Idea, I see that EMEA has a Fedora Ambassadors Polo Shirt and I "propose" for your thoughts the same - Fedora Ambassadors Polo Shirt and/or some variant like that. What do you think?

Trac tickets

  • All open ticket with "meeting" keyword at:
    • If you have an APAC Trac Ticket and want your ticket to be reviewed, then put the "meeting" keyword into your APAC Trac Ticket.
    • What is the status of these tickets?


  • Next meeting chair to be decided

Open Floor

  • Whatever you want to talk about!




Next Meeting

  • See Next Meeting for the next meeting date and time.
  • The next meeting will be chaired by <user>