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(Trac tickets)
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===Trac tickets===
===Trac tickets===
* All open ticket with "meeting" keyword at:
* Tickets will only be discussed during the meeting if they have the "meeting" keyword in them, at least a day before the meeting.  
** If you have an APAC Trac Ticket and '''want''' your ticket to be reviewed, then put the "meeting" keyword into your APAC Trac Ticket.
* Ticket list:
** '''What is the status of these tickets?'''
* Ticket #76: []
* Ticket #74: []
===Open Floor===
===Open Floor===

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Meeting Details


This is common scheme. Please do not change the agenda on wiki directly. If you have any ideas, requests, etc. feel free to add a ticket to APAC Trac

Roll call

  • Using ".fas <your-fas>" to show your present.


  • Important news and announcements (especially in APAC).
  • Anyone can do (not only FAmSCo members).

Review action items from last meeting

  • APAC general: read and stay up to date on "Flock"
  • tuanta Comment on ticket #72 mentioning the deadline Deadline over!
  • FranciscoD update ticket with approval, assign to kital
  • FranciscoD close #75
  • udinnet Update ticket #74 with more detailed information
  • FranciscoD to update ticket #73, assign to kital
  • FranciscoD comment on ticket 70 requesting updates.
  • FranciscoD remove ticket 70 from meeting list. It is not ready for any decision.
  • Suresht send logs to mailing lists
  • nangthang: Update agenda page, confirm links etc. are all correct.
  • Delay APAC make proposals for judges and criteria for ticket 70 Awaiting Buddhike's initial proposals --FranciscoD
  • Delay APAC discuss the viability of ticket 70 Not sure what this implies --FranciscoD
  • Please update the ticket #70 with your ideas on the subject asap

From before, may be delete all.

  • tuanta to bring Regional budget for FY2014 to FAmSCo meeting then report back to APAC in the next meeting
  • tuanta to open a new ticket to discuss more about organizing real get-something-done FADs in APAC

Trac tickets

Open Floor

  • Whatever you want to talk about!




Next Meeting