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Roll Call


Guillermo Gómez
Jon Stanley
Jaroslav Reznik (secretary)
Toshio Kuratomi
Rex Dieter
Peter Robinson
Jared Smith
David Nalley


Rudi Swanepoel
Joerg Simon



  • Open tickets
  • Appointed board seat
  • Open Q&A

Open tickets

#122: Community domain request (id)

  • Approved on 15 Nov meeting, commented/closed by Jared Smith

#117: Suggestion regarding to Fedora on

  • is a request for us to take ownership of the "Fedora" component on
  • let's wait for the answer from launchpad people what distribution pages are about

#112: Community domain request (lk)

  • approved

Appointed board seat

  • Toshio Kuratomi accepted offer by FPL to serve next cycle as a Board member
    • congratulations!

Appointed board seat

  • skipped as no questions were asked