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= Fedora Board Meeting, 2012 03 14 =
= Fedora Board Meeting, 2012 03 14 =

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[edit] Fedora Board Meeting, 2012 03 14

  • Secretary: Guillermo Gomez
  • Meeting Type: Phone

[edit] Attendees


  • Jon Stanley


  • Peter Robinson
  • Robyn Bergeron
  • Rudi Landmann
  • David Nalley
  • Guillermo Gomez
  • Jaroslav Reznik
  • Christoph Wickert
  • Rex Dieter

[edit] Regrets

  • Toshio Kuratomi

[edit] Agenda

[edit] Announcements

    • QA will be likely announced as subproject, FPL will take care of it.
    • FUDCon action general
      • fudcon action fudcons malasya, emea
      • fudcon bidding na
      • fudcon emea final decision next week

[edit] Updates on trademark

    • spot busy all week, no concrete updates.

[edit] Board member goals

    • stanley , not ready, deferred.
    • christoph:
      • 1st goal groupware: progress, but still need decision making with infra
      • 2nd goal fedora council no progress so far
      • 3rd goal procedures common elections guidelines, good progress
      • kital meet to discuss budget issues, credit card holders, reimbursements
      • fad with credit card holders?
      • quite a lot of work to do in all those goals.

[edit] Tickets

[edit] 84: Annual User Survey:

    • stanley still interested but limited on resources to make it move
    • john and jcm to meet and plan actions and better define terms and questions to answers on objectives of such survey.
    • define target of the survey?
      • contributors vs non-contributors
      • general population
      • target defines the survey
    • will take time just to define the purpose of the survey
    • probably we need a group interested in
    • Does the board has a particular interested on running a particular survey?

[edit] 102: Fedora QA as a sub-project

    • We need a general mission statement from QA
    • Whos leading the project?
    • QA needs to be blessed first as a subproject
    • Robin will talk to Adams and/or Tim to clarify
    • Board is willing to approve, we just need a final documentation, final kick, and Robin will take care of it :)

[edit] Action Items


[edit] Next Meeting

Next meeting will be IRC on 2012-03-21 at $18:30 UTC.